Make your event Pop with Boston Magician Peter Gross

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Laughter is the only real magic

Magician, Mentalist, Comedian and Hypnotist Peter Gross is one of the East Coast’s most-trusted entertainers, specializing in stage performances and virtual events for corporate audiences, colleges and other discerning audiences.

“Each time I walk on stage, I have three goals: to entertain the audience, to impress the skeptic and make my clients look GREAT.”    Peter Gross

Corporate-Friendly Comedy and Magic

“Peter was AMAZING. We were totally blown away.”

“Every time he came on stage, I knew I was going to see something amazing.”

We were thrilled with Peter’s show.  He’s very skilled and very funny. I was just the show we were looking for.

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Meet Boston Magician, Mentalist and Hypnotist Peter Gross

Are you looking for a mentalist, magician or hypnotist who can bring laughs and memorable magic to sales meetings, team building events, wellness programs or recognition dinners?  Peter can host your awards ceremonies or sales rollouts.  He can even customize his show for your themes or messages.

Peter has a background in comedy and improvisation.  He’s a funny guy who also knows some really cool tricks, so laughs are guaranteed.