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Using Talent Agents to hire a Comedian

Corporate Comedian, Magician and Hypnotist Peter Gross thinks you can find the perfect act yourself, without an talent agency

There was a time when, if you were looking for a comedian, magician or other talented individual, your first step was to find a qualified talent agent.  They were trusted professionals whose sole job was to have file cabinets of 8x10s and resumes of talented acts and they would hand-pick a juggler or singer  for your holiday party or professional event.  And how would you contact them? You would crack open the yellow pages, and find their display ad.

Are you catching my hints? Yellow pages, file cabinets, 8x10s, printed resumes?  All this stuff has gotten replaced by the internet and to be honest so has most of the value of talent agent.

In the past, seeing an act meant arranging an audition or traveling to a venue where you could see them live.  Photos needed to be reproduced and mailed, in pre-printed envelopes.

But this is 2016 folks, and now  you hardly need help to tell if an act has what it takes to make you and your group laugh.

If you’re already on this page, congratulations! Why not start by checkout out what corporate comedian Peter Gross might do for your next special event?