Boston Magician can’t wait to meet you

Boston Magician

Are you a real Boston Magician ?

What makes an entertainer a Boston Magician?  Does he have to end each routine by saying ” You like apples? How about them apples?”

I work in Boston all the time.  But the joy of living in Boston is that I also work in Portland, Worcester, Providence and Portsmouth. Even Worcester ( That’s a real Boston Magician joke).

I do keep a small office in Boston, but being a Boston Magician is more than just an address. It’s an attitude.

And how do people find me? You’d be surprised how many just go to Google and type “Best Boston Entertainer” or “Boston Magic Corporate Events”.

Am I really the Best Boston Magician or the Best Boston-area Magician?

Thanks for asking. That’s really a matter of opinion. But check out my website and  Youtube channel and decide for yourself.

Not all Boston Magicians live in Boston

Ultimately you’re not hiring an address or an accent. Boston Area Magician, mind reader and comedian Peter Gross brings laughs and memorable magic to sales meetings, team building events, wellness programs and appreciation dinners. He can host your awards presentation or sales campaign rollout and he can even customize his show for your themes and messages. 

Why are Peter’s shows DIFFERENT than so many other entertainers? Peter has a background in comedy and improvisation. He’s a funny guy who also knows some really cool tricks, so at his shows, laughs are guaranteed. 

Peter’s magic and mentalism shows feature plenty of audience participation, spontaneity and memorable moments. Every show is unique. Whether Peter’s working at a comedy club, a board room or a hotel ballroom, his show is in ‘perfect pitch’ with his audience.