Street Magic

Street Magic makes your event miraculous

“Peter’s performance was truly a thrill… to see a real master of sleight of hand performer his ‘miracles’ just inches from your eyes is truly spectacular. After he left we just kept saying, ‘How did he do that!?

What Peter presents isn’t a magic show, it’s truly a magical experience.”
Nora Reilly Palmer, The Coyle Company

Street Magic – Magic that’s intimate, immediate and personal. Close up Magic happens right without stage lights, smoke machines or camera tricks. It’s magic close enough that you can reach out and touch it. 

Street Magic happens in the hands of the magician or in YOUR hands! Objects appear and disappear. Things float or ‘morph’ while you watch, just inches away.

Whether it’s called ‘strolling magic’, ‘hand magic’, ‘illusions’ or ‘sleight of hand’, its effect is undeniable and lasting.

Peter’s street magic makes the most jaded spectator laugh out loud with surprise and shake his head in disbelief.

Street Magic Expert Hire Magician Strolling Entertianment
Street Magic and Street Magician Peter Gross
Close Up Magician

Peter’s Street Magic is appropriate for:

  • cocktail parties

  • adult birthday parties

  • hospitality suites

  • receptions

  • Dark alleys with dramatic lighting

About Street Magician Peter Gross

Peter On Film

Peter Gross isn’t just crazy; he’s “crazy talented’ with two completely DIFFERENT shows full of lunacy and fun.

MAGIC AND OTHER SUSPECT ACTIVITIES, Peter’s award winning comedy and magic show has been seen in theaters, comedy clubs and on festival stages across the world. He’s been invited to the White House, performed at the Kennedy Center, Canada’s National Theater and has made numerous TV appearances. He has been invited to perform in Germany, Spain, Scotland, and Japan. He also won two silver medals at the Oranjeboom International Variety Performer’s Competition in Rotterdam, Holland.

Vancouver International Comedy Festival called Peter “Hip sophisticated and very, very funny. A first class performer,” and the Actor’s Theatre of Nantucket raved “You were spectacular! Our audiences raved. Our staff raved. And I was raving mad that I missed it. “

Peter’s extensive cruise ship contracts for companies including Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, and Celebrity Cruise lines have taken him to far flung ports including Tierra Del Fuego, Tahiti and Vladivostok, on the far east coast of the former Soviet Union.

GET HYPNOTIZED is Peter Gross comedy hypnosis show and is a favorite on college campuses including Harvard and Yale and for Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s, Microsoft, Intel, Bain Financial, Ecco Footware, Prudential Bache and General Dynamics.

The Charleston Comedy Festival called GET HYPNOTIZED “A guaranteed crowd pleaser… incredible comic timing,” and the Charleston City Paper called Peter “Smooth and Hilarious”. GET HYPNOTIZED is regularly featured on Carnival Cruise lines where it’s been lauded by one Cruise Director as “ the funniest hypnosis show I’ve seen in a long time.”