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business event comedian
” A huge success…his show was a very important investment in our employees and it was a great one and a total pleasure. “
Karen Fitchett, Chatham Financial

Business Event Comedian Peter Gross gets laughs and makes you look great

Business events come in every shape and size, but each one needs to be memorable and reflect well on the company and the planner – YOU.  Business events are your chance to celebrate your employees, your clients or organization.  Business event comedian Peter Gross lights up a stage and brings fresh energy to every event. Peter is always happy share in the glory and make your people the stars of the show. 

“Each time I walk on stage, I have three goals: to entertain my audience, to delight the skeptics and to make the meeting planners LOOK GREAT!” – Peter Gross

About Business Event Comedian Peter Gross

Peter On Film


Are you looking to book a business event comedian today?  Peter can create a customized event that fits your themes, timing and budget.


 Business event comedian Peter Gross brings laughs and memorable magic to sales meetings, team building events, wellness programs and appreciation dinners. He can act as your host for awards presentations or sales campaign rollouts and he can customize his show for your themes and messages. Peter even has shows for  smaller, select groups at cocktail parties or C-suite get togethers.  


Why are business event comedian Peter Gross' shows DIFFERENT? 

 Peter’s comedy shows feature audience participation, spontaneity and memorable moments – every show is unique. Whether Peter’s working at a board room or a hotel ballroom, his show is in ‘perfect pitch’ with his audience.

Loud applause from audience around the world

Although Peter travels internationally, he’s always excited to perform in his own backyard.  His award-winning magic show, MAGIC AND OTHER SUSPECT ACTIVITIES, has been seen all around over the North East including Portland, Nashua, Manchester, Hartford, New Haven, New York City and at every venue around Boston.  While many comedians prefer clubs and bars, Peter has always craved audiences that are smart and discerning and his humor is always clean.  

He’s been invited to the White House, performed at the Kennedy Center, Canada’s National Theater and has made numerous TV appearances. He has been invited to perform in Germany, Spain, Scotland, and Japan. He also won two silver medals at the Oranjeboom International Variety Performer’s Competition in Rotterdam, Holland.

Vancouver International Comedy Festival called Peter “Hip sophisticated and very, very funny. A first class performer,” and the Actor’s Theatre of Nantucket raved “You were spectacular! Our audiences raved. Our staff raved. And I was raving mad that I missed it. “

Peter’s extensive cruise ship contracts for companies including Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, and Celebrity Cruise lines have taken him to far flung ports including Tierra Del Fuego, Tahiti and Vladivostok, on the far east coast of the former Soviet Union.

Peter has performed at universities including Harvard, Brown and Yale and for Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s, Microsoft, Intel, Bain Financial, AstraZenica, Ecco Footware, Prudential Bache and General Dynamics.