99 Percent Honest: An evening of comedy and mindreading

99% Honest is an astonishing evening of mind-reading and comedy. Peter reveals thoughts, predicts what you’ll do next and acts as a human lie detector.

99% Honest takes you on a highly interactive, intellectual roller-coaster ride of laughs and  “impossible outcomes.”


Raves for 99% Honest

“A great show! We can’t wait to have Peter back.” 
St. Lawrence Center for the Arts

 “5 stars— Peter is amazing!” 
Ronna Benjamin, BetterAfter50.com

“OMG Peter Gross is the best! He blends seamlessly with a hip and intelligent crowd and leaves a lasting impression” Giuseppe Ritacco, Revere Hotel

“From start to finish,  the audience was captivated and laughing.”
Kim Kafka, Entertainment Director

“Fabulous. People loved it and are still talking about it.”
Sarah Lacaire, Corporate Event Planner

“Truly intriguing and mystifying…Peter knocked it out of the park.”

Cathy Zita, Event Director, Passumpsic Bank 


Comedian, Sleight-of-Hand Artist and Hypnotist Peter has performed at the White House, The Kennedy Center, Canada’s National Theater, and on national television. Leaving behind the trapping of magic shows, Peter Gross uses no special equipment or double-jointed assistants to create his confounding supernatural events.  99% Honest will leave you speechless and then dying to share your thoughts with your friends.

The Vancouver International Comedy Festival called Peter “Hip sophisticated and very, very funny. A first class performer,” and the Charleston Comedy Festival raved, “Incredible comic timing
and stage presence. A guaranteed crowd pleaser.” Peter has performed in Canada, Australia, Spain, and Scotland. He also won two silver medals at the Oranjeboom International Variety Performer’s Competition in Rotterdam, Holland.

Boston Motivational Speaker Mind Reader

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