Mentalist and Mind Reading Shows

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"Peter was AMAZING! We were totally blown away."


"Everytime he came on stage you knew you were going to see something amazing.

"We were thrilled with Peter's show. Peter is very skilled and very funny. Peter's show is just right; it was just the show we were looking for. "  


Mind Reader Peter Gross:
Minds Read = Minds BLOWN

Have you ever wanted to know the thoughts of your boss, your wife or your next door neighbor?   Mind Reader Peter knows how he's willing to share.

Forget everything you know about what a magic show looks like: Mind Reader Peter Gross uses no special equipment or double-jointed assistants to create his confounding stunts, just improvisational skills of a stand-up, the quick hands of a pickpocket and a con man’s command of human psychology.

Peter tells you what you're thinking, predicts what you’ll do next and acts as a human lie detector. Peter's show takes you on a highly interactive intellectual roller-coaster ride of “impossible outcomes.”

Peter's theater show, 99% Honest: Comedy and Mind Reading for Grown Ups will be featured at theaters and performance spaces starting Summer of 2018

If you're going to hire a Mind Reader

Boston Hypnotist Show for hire
Peter Gross has over 25 years of experience performing reading minds and performing comedy around the world.  He has been seen on TV, at comedy festivals, and in theaters, but he still does a majority of shows for corporate audiences and associations.

Book Mind Reader Peter Gross for:

  • cocktail parties
  • adult birthday parties
  • hospitality suites
  • receptions



What is a Mentalist?

Mentalists explore the limitlessness of the human mind.  Mentalism suggests that our minds are much more powerful then science accepts and that using advanced techniques and natural talents, a mentalist create phenomenon beyond scientific explanation.

Mentalist Peter Gross claims no extra sensory powers; he lets his astonishing feats speak f
or themselves

  • Telepathy – Knowing or Reading another persons thoughts
  • Clairvoyance – Receiving knowledge of actions while isolated 
  • Precognition – Predicting future events, choices or the actions of others.
  • Subconscious Influence – Psychologically influencing actions, choices, or preferences of others without their knowledge. Peter's interest in mentalism and experience in audience management led him to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis.

Peter On Film


Mind Reader Peter Gross

Peter has been seen in theaters, comedy clubs and on festival stages across the world. He’s been invited to the White House, performed at the Kennedy Center, Canada’s National Theater and has made numerous TV appearances. He has been invited to perform in Germany, Spain, Scotland, and Japan. He also won two silver medals at the Oranjeboom International Variety Performer's Competition in Rotterdam, Holland.

Vancouver International Comedy Festival called Peter "Hip sophisticated and very, very funny. A first class performer," and the Actor's Theatre of Nantucket raved "You were spectacular! Our audiences raved. Our staff raved. And I was raving mad that I missed it. "

Peter’s extensive cruise ship contracts for companies including Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, and Celebrity Cruise lines have taken him to far flung ports including Tierra Del Fuego, Tahiti and Vladivostok, on the far east coast of the former Soviet Union.

Peter has appeared on college campuses including Harvard, Brown and Yale and for Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s, Microsoft, Intel, Bain Financial, Ecco Footware, Prudential Bache and General Dynamics.

The Charleston Comedy Festival called Peter  "A guaranteed crowd pleaser... incredible comic timing,” and the Charleston City Paper said he was "Smooth and Hilarious". Mentalist Peter Gross is regularly featured on Carnival Cruise lines, as well as Royal Caribbean, Cunard and Holland American Cruises.