My loss is your win this Post-Holiday Season

The holidays is a time for gifts, so I Boston Mentalist Peter Gross have a gift for you.  But I’m a professional sneaky person ( or is that professional sneak?  sneaker? I digress) so my gift for you is also a gift for me.  

I love mentalism and all my new and most amazing material is themed around exploring the powers of the mind. The only problem is: mentalism needs an audience to be perfected.  So for 2017, I will be saying “Yes” to smaller gigs that in the past I would have handed to other quality acts.  I want to be ‘out there’ bringing my newest stunts, including mental metal bending ( seen here) to audiences large and small.

Call today to book a show and you’ll see how mentally flexible I can be.  Just try me.

And… You’re welcome.

Mentalist for Hire