Finding Peace ( Comedy )

Finding Peace

I’m on the Pike in pre-rush hour traffic. So this guy cuts in front of me, even though there isn’t really room. I curse, but let him in. Then he changes lanes again, cutting off another guy, gaining no more than a car length. Now I’m mad.

I watch as he continues the process and with each lane change I am getting madder and madder. Partly because it’s rude and partly because it’s working. Now he’s almost out of sight and I’m fuming.

But then traffic patterns shift and after all his maneuvers he’s only two car lengths ahead of me and I feel better- superior.

Then he finds a gap, guns it and pulls away again. I’m out of my head.

Then I have a revelation: I’m not in a race with him. I’m not even on a schedule. I’m not meeting anyone and even if he arrives quicker than I at his destination, my life will not be any different.

Now, for the first time I smile.

It is only then that I realize I had long ago missed my exit.