Mentalist Shows for Holiday Parties & Motivational Mentalism

This week I will perform at my first two events of the holiday party season.  One will be a mentalist show for 75-100 travel experts at a cool downtown bar. The second will be performing comedy hypnosis for 150 security tech professionals in a hotel function room in Portsmouth New Hampshire.  It will be a busy weekend. Strangely, I am STILL getting inquiry calls about holiday shows for later in the month.  Lucky for those people, I am still looking to fill dates with Mentalist Shows, Hypnosis shows and Comedy Magic shows for the corporate holiday party season. So if you’re considering booking an act and wondering if it’s too late to call;  Yes, normally it is, but go ahead.  Operators are standing by!

December  will be the beginning of me producing short videos and this one is just description of what is inspiring me RIGHT NOW.

The inspirational directives mentioned are:

• Minimize desk time

• Leave ‘normal behind; have a charmed life.’

• The world is an endless source of opportunities