Mentalist and Magician Motivates with power of illusions

Can magic, which is based on ‘tricks’, help motivate and inspire? I think so, which is why I made this video.

Much of magic ‘works’ because people have long ago decided how the world works, and so all a magician has do to is create a situation where those rules or broken ( or seem to be broken) and Voila, magic.

In fact sometimes audience members will come up to me with wild theories about how my tricks work, based on crazy technology they ‘think’ must exist, rather than admit they got tricked.

But ultimately I’m more interested in getting people to challenge the limiting beliefs within their lives rather than my show.

I have a goal of performing at a Tedx event because I love performing for smart audiences.  Unfortunately getting selected to perform at a Tedx event isn’t like auditioning for a showcase.  Tedx speakers need to be nominated and that means knowing someone who can make that happen. And currently I don’t. But I’m not too worried, remember ” anything is possible.”