Boston Mentalist and Magician rocks New York City Tech Start-Ups

Holiday Parties can be a ‘bummer’ for performers: tough venues, loud bands, intrusive waiters dropping plates during your set. But if you’re engaged and flexible, it can also be some the most fun shows of your year.

Happy Cog asked Peter to customize his mind reading show to including a tiny bit of magic and plenty of comedy.

“Peter far exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have asked for more. We had Peter perform his “99% Honest” Mind Reader show for approximately 70 people in our Manhattan office, and we were a bit concerned about the environment. But Peter quickly gained everyone’s undivided attention and performed a great show. Peter performed a great show for about an hour but our team just wanted more! Thanks Peter!”

Stuart Henry, Partner – Happy Cog

customized magic and comedy for corporate function leads to successful bookings