So you want to book a mentalist?

Mentalism is a great choice for events because it engages both sides of people’s brains – the analytical side and the creative and curious side.

Even if you’re not sure if you want to hire a mentalist, keep reading, because here’s what you need to know:

What is a Mentalist?

A Mentalist is a performer who specializes in creating psychic phenomenon without claiming actual psychic abilities or extraordinary sensory perception ( E.S.P.). They perform shows ( like stand-up comedians and magicians) where they read minds, predict choices, make jokes and ‘play’ with people’s heads.  Mentalism is not hypnosis (although being a trained Hypnotist makes me a great Mentalist) because volunteers are not asked to go into trance to participate ( unless they want to).  Most importantly, Mentalists are NOT Psychics.

Mentalists are not Psychics because Mentalists know they are pretending to have powers and psychics may actually believe they have extraordinary powers. Others may know they are fakes, but never bother to inform their audiences of this fact.  We call those psychics,  Con Artists.

Mentalists make it very clear that they are putting on a show, not a group ‘reading’.

Like myself, Mentalists are often trained magicians and comedians so they are excellent at entertaining their audiences.  Clients like Intel, Microsoft, Bain Capital, McDonalds, Anheuser-Busch, and AstraZenica have told me so.

Mentalists do not exploit people’s emotions ( loss, grief, regret, hope) to ‘hook’ an audience into believing.  That’s for psychics and con artists. We strive to bring joy and mystery.

So do not ask me to contact a dead relative or tell me about their own beliefs in psychic phenomenon.   I DO NOT BELIEVE.  But if you’re looking for a show that will amaze and mystify, give me a call.

Peter Gross, Director
Boston Hysterical Society

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